About Mr. Robichaud

Hello. It is my fourth year at Calgary Christian School. I look forward to seeing my math and physics students grow their minds and relationships. Having my students demonstrate their learning in new ways is something new that I am excited about seeing this year. Also new this year, I will be working with several other high school teachers and staff in planning for the future as we move forward with high school redesign. I also look forward to being the teacher sponsor for the JV Boys Basketball Team and ROBOKAOS, the robotics team. Go Cougars!

If we don't already know each other, you can learn about me by reading this brief biography.

I hail from New Brunswick. That is where I was born and where I spent 13 of my first 18 years. I spent a some time in Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Colombia as a child too, but essentially, I am from the only officially bilingual province in Canada. Robichaud is a rather common name there. I spent my early childhood on a homestead without running water and without electricity. We had goats, chickens, a horse, a dog and lots of fun in the forest. My two sisters and I would use my mom's bread pans to make mud bricks - we pretended that we were the Israelites enslaved in Egypt. We would also build forts, climb trees and play in the pond. The first school I attended was a one-room francophone Catholic school. My first teacher was Madame Cormier.

I attended an anglophone church school in Alberta for three years after our family moved across the country. My father studied to become a pastor here. Then we moved back to New Brunswick where he ministered among the Acadians. You'll see a big Acadian flag on my wall when you come to my classroom. I again attended Catholic francophone public school for 3 years and then finished with a combination of anglophone church school and anglophone public school. That's six very different schools from grades 1-12.

My parents divorced when I graduated from high school. I moved to Alberta to attend Canadian University College (It's called Burman University now - you can see it from Highway 2 as you pass by Lacombe). I began as a music major with classical guitar as my principal instrument and played trombone, then tuba in the concert band. We toured throughout Canada and the United States (Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc.). I changed my major to history and added a math minor. During my third year I decided that I would pursue an education degree. 

While in university, I volunteered as a student pastor. I led junior high and collegiate Sabbath School studies (I attended a Seventh-Day Adventist Church) and also a highly attended community Friday night worship. When I was 19 I took a year off of my studies to be a volunteer in the Marshall Islands. I taught elementary classes in a couple island schools for 10 months.

Amber and I wed just after I started working as a youth pastor in St. Albert, AB. We met in university and had a lot of common goals, one of which was to be long term missionaries. After pastoring for three years and teaching in Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Montreal, we moved to Tactic, Guatemala to work with Impact Ministries. Our son Blaise was born two months before our move there and our daughter Acadia was born in Guatemala.

My work in Guatemala involved managing a child sponsorship program, teaching part time, producing promotional materials and working with short-term mission teams from Canadian churches and schools. After three years when our time in Guatemala came to an end, our family moved to Calgary where I taught at Bearspaw Christian School for several years.

Besides teaching, I am passionate about a multitude of things. I love canoeing (in 2001 I canoed the full length of the MacKenzie River, the longest river in Canada). I enjoy cycling (in 2003 I cycled across Canada with some friends and family). I produce independent documentary films, one of which (Strength and Honour: Cycling Canada Coast to Coast) was an official selection at the Montreal International Film Festival. My family shared a house with another family for over 4 years because we believe in living in community. I love my church where I have volunteered in many different ways. In the spring of 2013, I traveled to Malawi where our church has partnered with a community for the last 6 years. To relax, I watch movies, play board games, run marathons, and read books on theology. Earlier this year, I completed my Master of Mathematics for Teachers degree through the University of Waterloo.